It’s no substitute for a thrilling test-drive, but a MINI brochure will put some nice photos and spec information in your hands. We're pleased to offer you two options:

GIF file of a red MINI vehicle with wheel, roof, and bonnet stripe features that are rotating, parked on a white surface with a white background and shadow underneath the vehicle.



After picking a model and customizing it in the “Build Your Own” section, you can download a personalized brochure complete with your chosen options, accessories and specs to commemorate the occasion. Just click the “REVIEW & SAVE” button after you’re done designing your MINI, select "DOWNLOAD & PRINT" and choose the first option.

Build Yours
Full frontal view of a red MINI vehicle with black bonnet stripes, parked on a street in an urban setting surrounded by brick buildings that are blurred out.



While not as personal as the You-ified brochure, our standard brochure is quite useful. Chock full of info about all MINI models, you can download a copy here. And, by joining our email list, you’re sure to stay up-to-date on all things MINI.

Download Brochure