Yellow MINI vehicle rising up in a glassed vehicle elevator with clear skies at dusk on the right side of image.


What's the difference between a MINI Dealer service offering and someone else’s? We know MINI, inside and out, and understand the thrill of Motoring just as much as you do. That’s why each one of our MINI certified technicians has been specially trained to our own high standards. That’s why we’ve engineered specific parts and tools to keep your motoring companion going strong. 

What Sets Us Apart


Our highly trained MINI certified technicians understand MINI better than anyone else. In fact, they spend countless hours each day scrutinizing every detail of your motoring machine.


With four different varieties of tires that are specifically designed to handle rain, snow or spirited motoring through the countryside, our star rated rubber has you covered for performance and durability. 


Crafted specifically for your make and model, and held to the highest industry standards, there is no substitute for Original MINI Parts. Keep your MINI performing like the day it was born.

Side view of a black MINI vehicle parked on asphalt, with mountains and trees blurred out in the background.

Accessories & Gear

Customize your MINI with mirror caps, roof racks, tuning kits, sport stripes, mats, organizers and all kinds of MINI Accessories. And add some MINI style to your off-road moments with MINI Lifestyle, which makes great gifts for you or the Motorer in your life, with everything from plush bulldogs, playful RC cars and hats with matching tees.

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